4 Reasons Surgery May Not be the Best ACL Ligament Tear in Dogs Treatment

Surgery is oftentimes recommended as treatment for a dog ACL tear, although there may be other better options for your pet. It is beneficial to search the treatment options available for an dog knee brace before automatically scheduling surgery. There’s many reasons why this may not be the best treatment option for your four-legged friend, including the four listed below.

1- It May Cause the Injuries to Worsen

Although surgery is meant to improve the ligaments so that your dog regains his pre-injury strength and energy, this isn’t the outcome that occurs every time when the pet endures surgery. In fact, surgery oftentimes causes the problem to worsen rather than improve.

2- It is Expensive

acl ligament tear in dogs

Costs of surgery for an ACL tear in a dog vary, though it is safe to say the costs are not those you want to endure. You can compare costs all day, but it is surgery and it will be expensive! Even if payment arrangements are made or you use the credit card, it is a considerable chunk of change to endure. There are many alternate options that are far more cost-effective than surgery.

3- Braces May Work

ACL braces for dogs are available and may help the tear heal quickly at a fraction of the cost and with only a small amount of risk. The braces fit over the leg and help mobilize your pet so he is unable to further injure himself. Braces for dogs of all sizes are available and work wonders in combination with other home remedies.

4- Not Suitable for All Dogs

There are many dogs who are not recommended for an ACL surgery. Smaller dogs fall into this category, as do dogs who are overweight. If your dog isn’t a good candidate for the surgery, you must obviously find an alternative that works. Fortunately, many of them exist.

Far too many surgery alternatives exist to automatically assume that your pet must go under the knife to recover from an ACL tear. These are four of many reasons why it is imperative to look at these alternate options ahead of time.  There are many others, so make sure to check them out first.